FLASHBACK FRIDAY | #13: The Psychosis of Government

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Respect is earned, but governments around the world have acted in ways that can best be described as psychotic while they still demand a level of respect that is simply unearned. Psychopaths make up about 2% of the population, but those numbers go through the roof when you just look inside the beltway of Washington D.C. where the ability to control large groups of the general public always seems to attract the worst kinds of people.

If you ever get the feeling that your government is trying to kill you, you’re probably right. Just look at all of the examples of them inventing new laws to try and silence the public and put anyone that speaks out against them in prison. Billions of dollars in no-bid contracts were handed out to rebuild the very countries that we just finished blowing up, but if you happen to point this out and ask reasonable questions then you may be labeled as an enemy of the state.


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