Paranormal XL podcast

Hosted ByS.Bassett

Paranormal XL podcast is about paranormal happenings and events. We will get into all things paranormal. Ghosts all the way to Aliens. We will take you along on adventures in ghost hunting and our discussions on paranormal from all sides of the spectrum.

First Paranormal Experiences

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Welcome to Paranormal XL podcast.  In episode 14 we read and discuss stories the listeners have wrote in to us.  We also have a special guest co-host Amanda.  She is from our Paranormal XL Investigations Crew.  She tells us her own experiences as a young child living in Historic Charlton Park.  Amanda also gives me ( G.G.) a reading on this episode, which turns out to be a pretty good one. Thank you all for listening and your support.  Write in your stories so we can discuss them and try to help get answers if that is what you are after.    Email : Facebook : @xlparanormal ( Paranormal XL)    

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