Find Your Cosmic Calling with Astrologer Natalie Walstein

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Find Your Cosmic Calling with Astrologer Natalie Walstein

I am so excited to introduce you to Natalie Walstein, host of the Cosmic Calling podcast! She was one of my first mentors when I went full-time in my business and I’ve been inspired by her podcast for a long time as well.

I was really drawn to her in one of her episodes about the nodes and booked a reading in December 2019. When Natalie said that I would be working with large groups of people, I said there was no way. Her response was, “I guess you’ll have to do it scared.” That changed my life!

As a Career Astrologer at Soulshine Astrology, Natalie Walstein blends ancient astrological wisdom with modern, down-to-earth guidance to help creative souls and spiritual seekers discover their cosmic calling and align their life + career with the cosmos.

Natalie is also the author of Find Your Cosmic Calling: A Guide to Discovering Your Life’s Work with Astrology. This book helps you to decode your own astrology birth chart to uncover your life’s purpose and is the book I would recommend for learning astrology. I couldn’t put it down! Natalie has explained the concepts with beautiful clarity making it easy to grasp. 

Some highlights from my conversation with Natalie:

A birth chart covers your soul’s mission, so parts of it may not resonate until later as your life unfolds.

– Astrology is interpreted differently by each astrologer. Find what resonates with you!

– Helping people to leave jobs they hate and transition into doing what they really love is what made Natalie choose career astrology.

– Natalie was introduced to spirituality at an early age but didn’t take it seriously until she had a serious illness and had a spiritual awakening.

– Looking at the symbols, she is able to feel their energy and see visions of what they mean and channel pages of information about them.

– Your birth chart is an accumulation of past lifetimes as well as this lifetime.

– Astrology can help people find what type of work will light them up and to decondition from the mindset of working to survive.

– As you use the book with your chart, check in with yourself and ask if you’re aligned.

– Learning astrology and your own chart is an ongoing process and you can focus on one piece at a time

– Natalie recently had another spiritual awakening while taking an angel messenger course and has been working with angel energy in her life

– Angel messages are about the bigger picture and loving acceptance 

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You can find her on Instagram as @soulshineastrology or at her website

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