Feeling Crazy | True Ghost Stories

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One person has a series of paranormal experiences, fears others will believe they are crazy. 
Here is a preview of the story. 
“So, it is Halloween.  I got up around 3-3:30 am, got ready for work, and left.  It usually takes me around 30 mins to get to work from where I live.  It seems unusual because of the number of police officers out, and it is about a full moon.  From what I have been told, when a full moon is out, it tends to bring the crazies out more than usual, or just odd occurrences happen more.
I turned on the last main road that goes to my office.  It is probably around 4:30am.  I was taking it slow because of the bumps, and my car at the time was kind of becoming super shaky and did not take bumps and potholes well.
Around one of the bends.  I noticed a figure in a patient with a white older-looking hospital gown that was white that came down to the knees.  It had long, thick black shimmery and wire-like hair.  The face, arms, and legs seemed like they had a dark transparent look to them.  You could barely see the eyes and mouth.  I noticed it smiled.  It almost looked like the girl from the Ring movie, which is why I named this ghost the Ringer Ghost because of the similarities between this ghost and the evil girl in the movie.”Follow Tony:
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