FEED TAKEOVER! S2 Ep. 4: Freaky Fridays Podcast – “Scary Stories”

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Hello dear listeners. Thanksgiving weekend has been a real gobbler so here’s a feed takeover from an awesome PodMoth podcast.

Part 2 of The Phantom Rickshaw will be available on November 13th. Stay tuned!

Show Notes:

Freaky Fridays Podcast – “Scary Stories” – Season 2 Episode 4

Some spooky scary creepy stories for your Halloween enjoyment! We talk about tiny hands, danger following you home, the ghost of La Parva ski resort, frightening talking toys (including a personal story!), creepy kids, haunted houses, and more!

Sleep tight… make sure you keep the lights on…

Listening links and socials all at https://linktr.ee/freakyfridayspod 

Member of the PodMoth Network 🎙💀

Sources: Reddit, Youtube-Mr. Nightmare, Webnovel.com

Background music: Youtube-All Hallow’s Eve Lullabies — Infinity Rooms