February Spirit Messages

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February Spirit Messages

Hello Spirit School listeners! January was an intense month for me personally. I got sick leading up to the launch of The Initiation and had to push back my mastermind but at the same time, I was expanding my team by two members. 

I’ve been working with Spirit to understand my process of manifestation and the Initiation was an amazing experiment. I desired to have 44 people sign up for it and it did not seem like it was going to happen. I didn’t have the energy to do all of the typical marketing strategies so I leaned into trust and the 44th person signed up 10 minutes before the first live call! It was a really cool lesson for me. I’m choosing to highlight the things that went right even though so much went wrong and I hope you’re able to do the same.

The determination that I needed to harness to persevere is very aligned with the messages I received for our Spirit Messages this month! 

The highlights from the February Spirit Messages:

  • I don’t have the same commitment to my health that I do in my business
  • We all have the inner saboteur archetype and being out of integrity is a confidence killer 
  • All of the small broken commitments compound to erode your trust in yourself
  • I made goals in my human life this year to have more fun and learn to stop on ice skates, so I signed up for lessons to follow through on my word
  • Spiritual growth and maturity will come from reflecting on the lessons of your experiences
  • Honor the duality in the highs and lows of the month
  • I feel it will be a powerful month for manifestation once you have completed a cycle
  • New beginnings will follow the completed cycle through your awareness of the lesson
  • With new opportunities come new challenges and lessons

The spiritual path can be lonely and I created the Spirit School Collective as a space where you can share your journey with one another. It is incredible to witness others and to be witnessed as you expand! 


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