Fear of Success

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Fear of Success

When I first heard this phrase, Fear of Success, it was a lightbulb moment for me. A lot of what you hear today is my personal lived experience because I teach through experiential storytelling. I find that those who are drawn to listen to specific episodes will hear something through my experiences that really resonates and lands. Hopefully, that will spark and ignite change in your lives. That’s why I do what I do.


Fear has ruled my life for so long. I’m going to be 40 years old next month, and I feel like  I’m still coming into my adulthood. A lot of people probably feel the same. It’s the cusp between who you were, and who you are to become. It feels like destiny territory!



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In this episode:

  • Innovation requires you to try new things and fail, so it is not a bad thing
  • I do have a fear of success, which is imposter syndrome or success anxiety
  • We stay small because of the unknowns on the other side of success
  • My fear of success is rooted in seeing people misuse influence and power
  • I want to reclaim the word power to a feminine and expansive term
  • We avoid expansion and miss or turn away opportunities for visibility
  • I deflect and devalue my magnificence when I receive a compliment
  • I feel like I’ve outgrown the kids’ table but am too small for the adult table
  • My assistant Danielle felt my podcast sponsor pitch was more fangirl than CEO to CEO
  • In other parts of the world, what you do for work is not asked like in North America
  • Being a medium with an online school and a podcaster attracts a lot of attention
  • I’ve lost two great friends because of how my success made them feel
  • This has given me evidence that this path is even lonelier than before the success
  • Shame, perfectionism and procrastination prevent people from the vulnerability of trying 
  • Rejection stopped hurting when I started asking myself what I wanted to talk about
  • There is no one with influence in the wellness space using their power how I would
  • @malibumedium texted me a message that I won’t misuse power in this lifetime
  • Some of the things we walk through in this lifetime are from past lives
  • I had a wound around criticism, especially when I was feeling good about myself
  • When you reach a goal, you question if you can sustain that level of success
  • Create your own evidence that success is something safe and self-claimed
  • The happiest people in the world live with the least material things 
  • Self sabotage keeps me from holding onto the feeling of success for long
  • It is foreign and uncomfortable for people with chaotic childhoods and trauma
  • I had to create micro moments of joy and love to acclimate to angel energy
  • Get clear on what success looks, sounds, and feels like to you individually
  • We are chasing a mirage of success that doesn’t have an identity
  • Celebrating success when it comes in is part of the healing journey 
  • I asked spirit if it was okay to be so proud of myself for launching the new platform
  • Celebration is at the vibration of gratitude and abundance
  • Healing doesn’t happen overnight and we need awareness around it first
  • Try this mindset shift: What if it all turns out amazing?