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On today’s episode of the Occult Symbolism and Pop Culture with Isaac Weishaupt podcast we have a special episode where we’ll hear an interview I did with Mary Wild! I begged and pleaded for me to share part of this show with my audience because it really is so good and she very happily obliged so here’s the first half of our 90 minute conversation about the occult symbolism in Eyes Wide Shut! You’ve heard me talk about this film many times, but the reason this episode is important is because of the clarifying information that Mary provides to me!

Mary Wild is a busy woman- I discovered her on my favorite horror film podcast: Evolution of Horror where she contributes to a Freudian analysis of horror films. She runs a Patreon-exclusive podcast on her “Mary Wild” channel (patreon.com/marywild) where she does film interpretation, philosophy and connects the ideas to Freudian psychoanalysis. She describes it as “AMSR for intellectual guttersnipes”. She’s also held the “Projections” lecture series at the Freud Museum.She’s got tons of great episodes on her Patreon- including a dialogue with Dwayne Monroe on human encounters with A.I. in cinema, she’s got full episodes examining the David Cronenberg films, and so much more- including your boy! We did a full 90 minutes of straight fire on Eyes Wide Shut. We’ll go through the rest of the film and get a good conversation in on the final scene where Ziegler gives Bill Harford the warning about messing with these elites and their sex & death rituals…

“Isaac Weishaupt joins me to discuss possible occult symbolism contained in Stanley Kubrick’s erotic mystery psychological drama film Eyes Wide Shut (1999). In the film, Doctor Bill Harford (Tom Cruise) is shocked when his wife Alice (Nicole Kidman) reveals that she had contemplated having an affair a year earlier. Bill then embarks on a night-long adventure, during which he infiltrates the masked orgy of an unnamed secret society.

Isaac and I discuss the underlying significance of various aspects of the film, including Victor Ziegler’s party, Nick Nightingale as Bill’s ‘dark double’, the Naval Officer fantasy, the failed sexual encounter with Domino, the ‘Fidelio’ password, the recurring ‘rainbow’ signifier, the masked orgy, Mandy’s death, and how these elements might be connected to secret societies, sex magic rituals, The Wizard of Oz, the Star of Ishtar, eros, thanatos, and much more. For reference: Bill’s masked kiss at the Somerton mansion orgy in Eyes Wide Shut (1999), and René Magritte’s painting The Lovers II (1928)”

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