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Extreme Paranormal Radio Presents: Shannon Bradley Byers, Paranormal Genealogy

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Join us live Thursdays 8PM Eastern on BTR as tonight, Michele and Stacey talk with Shannon Bradley Byers about Paranormal Genealogy.


Being obsessed with the paranormal, genealogy Shannon Bradley Byers threw herself into the research.  Finding that there was a lot (and by a lot, as in most of the stories surrounding haunting’s was made up) she decided to find the truth behind these haunted places. Scouring libraries, newspaper archives, she brings out the real story behind the truth. Along with her husband David  she continues to pursue the truth. She is a genealogist and historian with over 35 years of experience, who frequently helps others with their family research and has worked with multiple historical societies transcribing old documents, research, and grave dowsing. Her first book, “How NOT to be a Ghost Hunter.” was published in 2016 and her second, Paranormal Fakelore, Nevermore: Real Histories of Haunted Locations was published in 2017.

Shannon & David joined forces in 2003 and combined two lifetimes of experience in searching for the paranormal. They established Timeless Paranormal in 2013 so that they might have a presence in the paranormal world and gain access to historical locations. Their research and investigation ethics have opened doors and allowed them access to places the public rarely gets to see

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