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Extreme Paranormal Radio presents: Anthony & Deena Holmes (DivineResearch.org)

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Tonight Stacey and Michelle talk with veteran paranormal researchers Anthony & Deena Holmes. 

Anthony at the age of 9, had his first paranormal experience. Since childhoodhe has always been interested in the paranormal and being raised around paranormal activity which has lead him to take classes on Near-Death Experience, Ghosts, Poltergeist, Restless Spirits, Exorcism and UFO Research. The paranormal to him is just a part of who we are. Anthony really enjoys working with other paranormal investigators to help give the clients the answers they need. This need of helping others has driven him to further his studies in the paranormal because there is so much to learn and a lot to see.

Deena is a certified surgical dental assistant. She has always been interested in the paranormal and anything unexplained. Anthony introduced her to the investigation side of the paranormal and she has enjoyed all aspects involved. Her favorite part of wha tthey do is being able to help their clients with their paranormal needs. She really enjoys conducting deed research and historical data collecting as she feels this aspect can help paint a picture of an establishment’s sorted past. This is also the backbone of their investigation, because without having the history of a location, they are doing a client a disservice. 

Their website is www.divineresearch.org

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