Exploring The Dead | Paranormal Interview With Kevin Otte

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It all started for in Southeastern Missouri for Kevin Otte. Just a simple morning ride on a big yellow school bus. Kevin would find himself staring out the window as rows of trees passed, the occasional person in their yard doing cleanup, and then as the bus came to a stop, Kevin’s eyes glance up to the top of a big old house. The type of home where paint is peeling and you can see how it was once loved, but time had taken its toll. In the gable on the top floor was a window. And in that window… Kevin saw two little girls peering up. But something was off about these girls. It took him a moment to put his finger on it, and as he did he could feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. We’ll let him share it in his words though… 

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Why does Kevin think theaters are more haunted than many other locations? 

Does an individual have to be dead, to have created a residual haunting? 

What kind of souls are ideal for spirits to take control of? 

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