Experience 377 – Greg Feinman, FITS, Abduction & New Body Experience

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Greg Feinman comes back to discuss further developments in the ongoing investigation into UBD’s – Unusual Bovine Deaths. This investigation has taken some dramatic and unexpected turns over the last couple years and the following discussion gets into the personal side of what happens when an investigator gets dragged into something so much more than they bargained for at the onset. We get personal and this chat includes some graphic depictions of animal mutilations and more, so please be warned in advance. Is there a greater message that is not only coming from ET’s, but that is growing more and more pressing as each day passes?

I’m not one to press the panic button and I want the listeners to understand that this a discussion of possibilities and not guaranteed outcomes. Thanks for listening and hope you enjoy Greg’s continued story as it unfolds here on the show.

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