Experience 373 – Monique Pliakos, Past Life Hypnosis & Consiousness Time Travel

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Certified Clinical Therapist Monique Pliakos, CHt joins me to discuss her journey into accepting and training her gifts in the world of spirituality. A woman who wears many hats, discusses reiki, past life hypnosis, crystals, consciousness and time travel. Is it possible to travel through time to one’s self into the past and affect our memories of those events? We discuss a very interesting story that she and her husband experienced where this just might have happened.

We have a great discussion about her journey as a healer and hynotherapist and I am very excited that she has partnered with my cousins and I in CrystalEyes to help provide users with articles and content to help on their spiritual journeys. You can find more on Monique at her website: www.innerstandingshypnosis.com
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