Experience 349 – Eric Conner of Epic Paranormal, Solo Investigations & Old Nick

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Eric Conner (@epic_paranormal_tv) joins me for a really fun chat about his journey into becoming a paranormal investigator after we randomly met a really cool haunted location by chance recently. He not only lays out his story but also shows a ton of great evidence he’s collected over the years. Don’t worry, this video is available for all to see on my youtube channel at 12 noon EDT – www.youtube.com/ryanjsinger if you want to watch it.
Follow Eric on Youtube at Epic Paranormal TV https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8MlfBql09o21jgI_e5qnuQ He just did a live investigation on his youtube of Bobby Mackey’s last night! Can’t wait to do another chat soon and get out there with him sometime, as well. Give him a follow and watch him and his team capture some amazing stuff with custom-made equipment. 
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