Escaping the Dark, Part Two | Grave Talks CLASSIC

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This is a Grave Talks CLASSIC EPISODE!

Growing up in an area of the country with more churches than stoplights can be a happy and peaceful setting for some. That is unless you don’t ‘fit in’ or follow the beliefs of everyone around you. No, if you happen to think differently or sense differently, it can be a complicated, even traumatizing, existence. That is the life Melinda Williams experienced growing up in the Bible Belt. Because of her sensitivity and gifts, many of the people she thought of as family would eventually shun her, calling her evil or worse… the devil himself. Melinda knew better. She wanted nothing to do with negativity, evil, or the devil. No, she was more of the light, and as it turned out, those who claimed to be of the light were, in fact, the very “dark” and negative beings that they so feared. Melinda would find a path to practice her beliefs and share her gifts of positivity with the world. This is Part One of her story today on The Grave Talks.

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