Episode Reincarnation -5 Scary interviews

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Episode Reincarnation – 5 Scary Interviews

Buckle yourselves in! You’re in for a bumpy ride!!! Bawahahahaha.

On this week’s episode we thought it would be awesome to replay – thusly – Reincarnate – 5 of our favorite interviews that we have had in the past. We could also call it the ‘Snipet’ Episode, kinda like a Costco sample.

Taken from past episodes, we speak with:
Sherisse – Paranormal Hauntings on Portage Ave
Tommy – Ghostly Footsteps in the Dark on Anderson Ave.
Maria – Creepy Morris Manitoba Mystery
Cyndy – Get the ‘F’ Out of my House !

Scary stuff for sure!

Music by Ruesche-Sounds

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