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(Explicit) The Punk Rock and Paranormal podcast - ghost stories, band interviews, UFOs, cryptids, occult topics, haunted locations, and the investigators that seek out the strange and the unexplainable. Every episode will present paranormal topics with fearfully fitting musical accompaniment.

Episode 96 – The Grant Lawrence Interview (The Smugglers, Lookout! Zoomout!)

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Grant Lawrence is a venn diagram gone horribly, horribly wrong. Where do you start with this guy? Grant is the singer of Canadian Crazies The Smugglers. He’s a radio and podcast personality for the Canadian Broadcast Corp. Books? Grant has written them and even has a children’s book on the way in late 2021. What else? Oh yeah! Grant and The Smugglers were on the Lookout! Records roster during the “Golden Years” of both Lookout! and pop-punk in general. So, Grant decided to reunite some of his labelmates for a series of Lookout! Records based livestreams that feature music, conversation and fun! What a great thing, these Lookout! Zoomout! streams are for a covid weary world. Interested in hearing more? Good, because this episode is a conversation with Grant where we talk about all of this and more! Three songs by The Smugglers are also featured in this episode – “Death At Disneyland”, “Rosie” and “Buddy Holly Convention”. Tune in and get awesome with Grant Lawrence!