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What is it about haunted and possibly paranormal dolls that is just so damn terrifying? The thought that an inanimate and cuddly object could be the source of your demise? Is it that dolls are a trusted and comforting presence from our childhood, so when they get weird, it’s like a personal betrayal? Or is it just that dolls in general are creepy because of the “Uncanny Valley” and they all might as well be haunted, they’re so damn creepy anyway? Maybe you won’t find the answers to those questions in this episode. But what you WILL find are the stories of two very famous haunted dolls, Annabelle and Robert. Plus, the newest addition to this trio of terrible toys, Betty the doll. Betty has some history on the Bobcast (Check out the “Ghost Stories Part 3 episode), so this is a sort of follow-up episode on the Betty front. Amanda Paulson and Cherise Williams first investigated Betty, now she’s in the hands of the good folks at The Hexfiles Podcast. Josh and Tamara of Hexfiles join me to talk about their experiences with Betty in this episode and they have some surprising and spooky tales to tell. Also in this episode is a new feature, a segment of the Bobcast titled “Mysterious Musings With Ivy Boyd”. Ivy starts the episode out in style with some information and theories relating to haunted dolls. The music of the episode is fittingly and fearfuly perfect, with Deadbolt, Houseghost and Devil Doll forming the soundtrack for these stories of sometimes deadly, sometimes dreadful dolls.