Episode 9: Traverse City State Hospital Part 2

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Not having all the pieces for a puzzle at an asylum would be maddening, would it not? It’s okay, we gotchyu. Gracey puts together the fragmented memories of a child patient named Ronny Larson who was admitted to Traverse City State Hospital in 1965. Behind closed doors is where Ronny and many other patients suffered great pain. Through intensive research, we uncover the hauntings and very real demons the child patients of Hall-18 faced.




This episode contains material involving child abuse that may be sensitive to some audiences. Listener discretion is strongly advised on the following time frames:

23:52 – 24:32

32:20 – 35:44


Extra resources:

Kirkbride Buildings – Forgotten Children “Hall-18, Hall-7” Forums

Listen to Ronny’s Music!

Listen to “Where Buffalo Roam” (Strongly recommended for this story!)

Ronny’s Story/Hall-18



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