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Happy first episode of Spooky Season! This week, Aly tells Nat all about the most blood-soaked building in all of Austria: Moosham Castle. Built into a mountain in the forested countryside of Unternberg, this medieval spur castle has been the site of at least 45 battles between 1191 and 1675, including the infamously brutal German Peasants’ War. If the bloodshed from multiple wars wasn’t haunted enough for you, Moosham Castle was also the location of the imprisonment, trial, torture, and execution of the victims of the Zaubererjackl Witch Trials of 1681. These witch trials are set apart in history due to the demographic of its victims: 109 villagers were executed in just one year, with the majority being children and men. Following the witch trials, werewolf trials were held in this same area, leading to the execution and torture of even more men. Today, the castle has been preserved by a private buyer and remains open to the public as a piece of historical architecture; the torture room still intact with the original tools and instruments used against the werewolves and witches of Austria. Reports of ghostly apparitions and anguished screams still haunt the castle grounds, are you brave enough to step inside?

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