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Let’s go to Northern Arkansas! I bet you don’t hear that very often, do you? Well. The Northern regions of Arkansas, especially the Northwest and North Central regions, are gorgeous. Green, mountain-y, rivers, lakes, outdoor activities to the end of time. What lurks INSIDE of Northern Arkansas, certain places that are located in Northern Arkansas? Ghosts. Spirits. Phantasms galore. This part of the country is so goshdanged haunted, it’s ridiculous. We’ll visit Cotter Bridge, with a little descriptive history and a completely made-up short story by your’s truly. The ghosts around Cotter Bridge are real, ohhh yes they are. Next is Mountain Village 1890, located in Bull Shoals of North Central Arkansas. Colonel Jordan of the Confederate Loser Association of 1865 and his former home are the subject of this segment, featuring my personal experiences with him. Finally, we make a stop at the Crescent Hotel of lovely Eureka Springs, the most haunted hotel in the USA. Ghosts in the basement? THE MORGUE? Indeed. Here we go, let’s get HAUNTED. Music of the episode provided by those Minstrels of the Macabre, Murder By Death. So perfect.