Episode 80 – Valerie Knox Interview (Black Cat Attack, The Anti-Queens, The Hybrids & More)

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What do you think of when Canada pops into your head? Molson Canadian? Hockey? Snow? Bob and Doug McKenzie? Poutine? Yeah, yeah, I think of all those things, plus Dudley Do-Right. Mounties, eh? MOSTLY, I think of Valerie Knox and her trifecta of incredible bands. Black Cat Attack. The Anti-Queens. The Hybrids (a Misfits cover band YES!!!!). Holy maple leaves, Valerie is one of the greatest things to ever happen to rock n’ roll. Her bands are absolutely amazing, catchy, they’ve got all the hooks in all the right iceholes. See what I did there? Ice fishing?Canada? Cold? I’ll shut up and say this, I had the greatest time talking to Valerie and here’s the interview. Plus, four songs by three of Valerie’s bands – Black Cat Attack, The Anti-Queens and The Hybrids. Best version of “Hybrid Moments” ever, by the way. Brought to you by Plan 9 Alehouse.