Episode 80: Paranormal Games To Play In The Dark, Part I

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(If you want to see/hear the longer version of this podcast with the full intro – head to youtube.com/c/letsgethaunted)

NOBODY PANIC – Nat is temporarily out sick but will be back next week for Episode 80.5!

This week, Aly is joined by special guest James DeAngelis for a rousing episode of some of the internet’s most popular paranormal games. Are you brave enough to play them? We cover the rules and legends surrounding these spooky games to play in the dark: The Reikan Test, The Three Kings Ritual, The Elevator Game, and The 11 Mile Ritual. We will definitely cover more paranormal games in the future, so be on the lookout for Part II!

Time stamps for the games:

The Reikan Tests: 12:00

The Three Kings Ritual: 33:07

The Elevator Game: 51:30

The 11 Mile Ritual: 1:15:23

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