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(Explicit) The Cabinet of Dr. Mystery explores the horrors of the world, real and fictional. From true crime, conspiracy theories, unexplained disappearances, and alien abductions to Satanism and the occult, our cabinet holds the mysteries of the universe.

Episode 8: Richard Ramirez: The Night Stalker Pt. I

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In the summer of 1985 citizens of Los Angeles were gripped in fear as a prowler was on the loose, breaking into homes, committing heinous sexual attacks, and killing indiscriminately. Initially dubbed by media as “The Valley Intruder,” as his crime spree spread to San Francisco he would eventually be known as “The Night Stalker.” Any surviving witnesses had one common memory; their curly-haired attacker, who reeked of wet leather, also had wide-spaced, rotting teeth and horrible halitosis.

In part one of our coverage of Richard Ramirez, we’ll discuss his abusive childhood, his sadistic and violent father figures and we’ll begin the tale of how Richard Ramirez terrorized the citizens of Los Angeles and San Fransisco.

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