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On October 20, 1967, amateur filmmakers Roger Patterson and Robert “‘Bob” Gimlin set off into the northern california woods to shoot footage for a documentary on the elusive sasquatch. What they ended up capturing was perhaps the most famous 954 frames of film ever recorded. The men filmed a giant, bi-pedial humanoid-type creature covered in dark reddish-brown and distinctly female, walking along the creekside. The creature, soon nicknamed Patty, walked disgruntled away from the men before disappearing into the thick foliage… never to be spotted again. Until tonight! On the Extramundane, we have Patty the Bigfoot here to talk about her unbridled feminism, her love affair with Steve Jobs, and buy Ketamine from horses.

Patty – Rose Vineshank (https://www.facebook.com/rosevineshankcomedy)
Max Ward – Dan Kozuh
Voiceover Guy – Erin Kahoa
Producer: Andrew Alonso, Champlify Media (or however you want)
Music: M.NOMIZED – The Model