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(Explicit) Cheesehead and Florida Man are on a roadtrip, following a dowsing pendulum across America, to uncover the mysteries behind tall tales, fairy tales, folktales, fishtales, & urban legends, one interview at a time! You get to hear the true history, evidence, and lore of these beloved figures from their own mouths, alongside author and celebrity interviews. Our podcast is accompanied by transcripts and show notes as well, for those who prefer to read, need to translate, or may be hearing impaired.

Episode 8 – Huggin’ Molly of Abbeville

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This quiet town of Abbeville seems innocent at a glance, but restless spirits stalk the night. Huggin’ Molly has her hands full as The Talegaters investigate Alabama’s very own Banshee. But is she as wicked as her legend alludes? Listen and find out!

The unassuming town of Abbeville, AL, warns travelers of their very own resident specter on their welcome sign which features the silhouettes of an evil wraith chasing down a terrified child. This alludes to a story that dates back to Abbeville’s founding years, culminating into a modern phantom said to chase down anyone wandering the streets at night, giving them a tight squeeze, and screaming bloody murder into their ears before releasing them and vanishing without a trace. But is Huggin’ Molly really as wicked as the stories make out?

Journey with us to this small town to learn about Huggin’ Molly, restaurants she’s inspired, and even her role in the town’s annual Spring festival, Yatta Abba Day, taken from the Creek Indian expression for “Grove of Dogwoods.”

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