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Seren is sent away from her home, on a mission to terraform a new planet. An eight part series following her journey across the stars, as she deals with the reasons that led to her departure.
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Episode 8 – Arrival

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Seren arrives at her destination. Season finale.

Seren is written and produced by Nerys Howell, who is also the voice of Seren.

Tera is played by Ella Watts.

Show artwork by Hedley Knights.

Our theme music is Rumination by Kevin MacLeod from Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

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Seren deals with the themes of isolation and loneliness. Specific content warnings for this episode include:

  • Seren awakes from unconsciousness (0.12-0.22)
  • Electrical crackling and discharge (0.12-3.14)
  • Mentions of physical pain, not life-threatening (0.41-0.48) (0.59-1.54) (3.30-3.43) (5.18-5.29)
  • Looking for, and the taking of painkillers, including a later discussion relating this (1.12-1.54) (5.18-5.29)
  • Mention of spaceships crashing (5.01-5.18)
  • Discussion around and brief description of physical injuries sustained, including future medical care (5.30-5.45)

Sound effects used in this episode:

Synthesized high, ringing swell that abruptly cuts off by Justin MacCleod

Electricity Energy 2 by Corruptinator

failing lightbulb.wav by TheFunktasm

Chair: Sitting Down / Getting Up (Compilation) by Sheyvan

harness straps.wav by alecmackay

Rummaging amongst cereal boxes in kitchen cupboard by Zapsplat

sitting on bed.wav by hannahj40

PillBoxFoil_Edited.wav by AmberdeMeillon

Fabric garment bag pick up. Version 2 by Zapsplat

clothes into rucksack and zip up 002.WAV by uwesoundboiz

Footstep_Metal.wav by FallujahQc

SpaceshipDoorOpen.wav by DWOBoyle

Person jump land on ground, outside (with shoes on) 2 by Zapsplat

Forest environment, ambience, clearing, spring, summer, birds by Audio Hero

36 vegetcion.wav by checholio

Rustling Grass 2.wav by morganpurkis

Bird fly past 2 by Zapsplat

Crouching and getting up-dress.wav by usamah

Single footstep on long grass 1-8 by Zapsplat

Thick fluro safety jacket, hi vis, zipper, slow 4 by Zapsplat

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