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(Explicit) Two sisters retell your strange and paranormal experiences. Everything from alien abductions to Bigfoot encounters, near-death experiences, and doppelgängers. In this podcast, we bring you the spooks mixed in with some comedy and research.

Episode 79 I Have a Strange Nerd of Gunslingers, Starlite story.

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Greg and Travis from starlitecomicbook.com join Rebekah this week to retell their strange experiences! Check them out on the inter webs and support their second comic on Kickstarter starting in July at starlitekickstarter.com. Listen to Greg’s experience from the Nerds from the Crypt on episode 27. And listen to their podcast at scpod.net Do you have a paranormal experience you would like for us to retell? Send it to ihaveastrangestorypodcast@ gmail.com. Would you like to mail us your story? Send it to P.O. Box 2292 Georgetown Tx 78627. Subscribe, rate and review us! If you give us a review please screen shot it and send it to our emailing address with your physical address and we will mail you some stickers! Follow us on IG, Twitter and Facebook and now on YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcr9dS0DWQxxqMvSHW5zhSA?view_as=subscriber

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