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Freddy Krueger has been unable to invade the dreams of the youth of Elm Street since the townspeople developed a plan to suppress their dreams. He decides to enlist and resurrect Jason Voorhees, who has been confined to hell for a few years as well. A group of teens is caught in the middle of the two killers, who may not be so willing to keep working together for very long …

Join us as we talk about the battle of the ages! As usual, we discuss the plot and main scenes of the movie, as well as speculate about other things. We got so carried away that we had no time for any additional content! 😛

This episode also marks the end of Bel’s first season as cohost, and we really want to thank everyone that has been supportive during this period of transition. We’re planning some changes to freshen things up for the podcast, so stay tuned for that!

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