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Happy Halloween and Happy Hauntings! Welcome to the second annual Bobtober Halloween Special! We’re not talking directly about Halloween in this one, we’re delving into regions beyond for this final Bobtober episode. Katie Burr is the subject and paranormal investigating is her specialty. Katie has seen and experienced things that would make lesser people give in and give up, but not Katie. She handles the hurdles of hauntings with grace, a sturdy mind and determination to delve into the secrets of the spectral world more than ever. One of the aspects of this interview that makes it so special and perfect for a Halloween Special? The interview took place at El Adobe De Capistrano, a supposedly VERY haunted location in San Juan Capistrano, California. In the former jail, now a wine cellar. The most haunted location in the building. Yes. Did the happy haunts receive our sympathetic vibrations and materialize? Listen and find out. Featuring songs by Alexisonfire and Thursday and brought to you by Discount Cemetery.