The Cosmic Keys Podcast

Hosted ByDan Shukis and Scarlet Ravenswood

Hosts Dan and Scarlet present an astrological and Tarot forecast for the week ahead, followed by interviews and discussions related to spirituality, the paranormal, and the occult.

Episode 71: Occult Training, Egregores, and Lucid Dreaming with Mark Stavish

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(Discussion begins at 7:10)

Dan and Scarlet open the episode with an astrology and Tarot forecast for the week of April 27, 2020, to May 3, 2020, followed by an interview with occult author Mark Stavish.  We talk with Mark all about his introduction to spirituality, the current state of the world in 2020 with the pandemic, his writings on egregores, or the occult thought forms that develop into deities and religious institutions, lucid dreaming and OBE’s, plus a whole lot more!  Along with full episode extensions, Patrons of the show get our full astrology forecast for the whole week plus our Tarot card of the week.  To join for just $5 a month, check us out at !  See below for Mark’s links:




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