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A group of young people go to Crystal Lake in an attempt to reclaim some illicit drugs. Unbeknownst to them, the area is constantly under the watchful eye of Jason Voorhees, a murderous hermit whose mother was killed years before. Let’s just say that things don’t end well for them.

Inexplicably, another group of young people visit Crystal Lake after the initial series of murders take place. They intend on having fun by partaking in recreational drugs, alcohol, and, perhaps the biggest offense of all, premarital sex. As such, it’s up to our good pal Jason to stop them 😀

Join us as we talk about this remake of one of the all time classics of horror! We talk about the bad decisions the characters make along the way, the different ways in which Jason disposes of the youngsters, among other things. For the second part of the episode, we share some facts and connections to the first four movies in the original series, and we also try to put Bel at ease by answering her pressing question: “why does Jason run so fast in this movie?!”

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