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Episode 69 – Labor Day Special – The history of Labor Day and more

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Happy Labor Day! Ever wonder why we have a Labor Day holiday in the USA and Canada? Wonder no more, here is the answer! I’ll cover the history behind Labor Day, a little of the history of the American Labor Movement and a bit about the rise and fall of Labor Unions in the USA up to current times. Hint – rich folks hate unions, because of course they do. Most rich folks throughout history seem to have issues with the people that made them rich, right? Let me talk to you about that and more in this episode! Songs are by Arthur Bell, Billy Liar, The Drowns and Chixdiggit. Yes, the songs are all about work. Bonus! The story and some thoughts of the folklore hero John Henry are also in this episode. Take it easy, crack open a cold one and let ME do all the work for a little bit.