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Episode 65 – Horror Movie Trivia

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Bob here, of the I Wanna Party With Bob Media Institute. In this episode, my laboratory worked overtime to bring you the finest Horror Movie Trivia Challenge ever brought back to life on a stormy, dreadful night. Reanimated? Yes, you should see Igor’s fingernails – he worked himself to the BONE on this one! There are 10 questions related to Zombie Films in Round One. Did you know one of Peter Jackson’s (of LOTR fame) earliest movies is considered the “goriest movie ever made” and is also a zombie film? Indeed. Round Two features Horror movies with a “Satanic” theme. Spoiler Alert – Damien IS the anti-Christ, not just a mean kid. The Final Round features a question from those giants of British Horror – Hammer Films. You know, where Grand Moff Tarkin and Count Dooku got their respective starts. The music of this episode also ties into the two main themes – 45 Grave and Teenage Werewolves with songs straight from The Return Of The Living Dead movie soundtrack, then, TSOL and Bridge City Sinners with songs that have a whole lot to do with the Prince Of Darkness. Fabulously frightening fun is your fate if you dare to listen!!!