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(Explicit) The Punk Rock and Paranormal podcast - ghost stories, band interviews, UFOs, cryptids, occult topics, haunted locations, and the investigators that seek out the strange and the unexplainable. Every episode will present paranormal topics with fearfully fitting musical accompaniment.

Episode 64 – Ghost Stories Volume 1

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Ready for Atrocious August? I am. Let’s start the month off right with a “Boo”cast filled with chills, frights and unnatural delights. This episode has a total of eight ghost and paranormal / supernatural encounters as told to me by the people that experienced them. Vanishing customers, swirling clouds of chaos and killer closets are but a small sample of the ghoulish delights awaiting you in this episode. Stories were told to me by Troy Taylor, Davey Tiltwheel, Pleasant Gehman, Donna Ramone, Gared O’Donnell and more! A bit of advice? Leave the lights on for this one, trust me. Music by The Marked Men, Black Breath, The Riverboat Gamblers and Planes Mistaken For Stars. This episode is brought to you by the creepiest of clothiers, the fiends of Discount Cemetery. Special thanks to Darren Curtis, who provided the spooky sounds at the beginning of the episode and during the stories. Prepare to be scared.