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In 2014, a 70 year-old woman known as L. Melacetti came forward and gave an interview claiming that in 1964 a baby bigfoot was left on the doorstep of her Louisiana swamp home. The woman said that she raised the adolescent sasquatch on tomatoes and goats milk for the next eight years before releasing him back into the wild. Her adopted child would return occasionally, sometimes even bringing a bigfoot friend along with him to meet Melacetti. Tonight, on the Extramundane, Ms. Malacetti breaks her silence one final time to talk to us about what it is like to deal with a moody teenage sasquatch, Bigfoot’s entrepreneurial spirit, and give Max an update as to what she and her adopted son are up to now.

The Woman Who Raised Bigfoot – Nicole Kemper
Max Ward – Dan Kozuh
Voiceover Guy – Erin Kahoa
Producer: Andrew Alonso, Champlify Media
Music: M.NOMIZED – The Model