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(Explicit) Unlock the Archives, the ultimate library to the occult. Here you have access to anything and everything supernatural, paranormal, or unexplainable. Cases of demonic possession, cryptids, ghosts, Aliens & UFOS, conspiracy theories...anything that you could imagine about the unknown and the unseen. Join us for guest talks on specific occult subjects and interviews with occult artists of all kinds in the near future as well as Stories from the Archives for Fiction pieces, Listener sent in stories, and commercials for upcoming occult movies and fiction.

Episode #6: 2020 Conspiracy Theories

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What may have felt like the worst and, simultaneously, the longest year that a lot of us lived through, is finally over. It’s 2021. But just because the Earth made another complete orbit around the sun and the number changed on the calendar, doesn’t mean that the shit we went through this past year just disappears and all the crap that came with it goes the way of the dodo…but things really aren’t going to change any time soon. Join me in the Archives as I talk about all conspiracy theories from the last four years that have converged into the insanity that was 2020.

There’s a content warning at the beginning of this episode! Please, heed it.

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