Episode 59 – Somebody Save Me From This Hell (A Classic Horror Story)

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A group of people decide to carpool with a sleazy looking guy across Italy, and while they are travelling at night, they suffer a car accident. Now, they find themselves trapped in the middle of the forest next to suspicious looking house. With no way out in sight, they now have to wander off into the forest, but a mysterious group of people led by three creatures won’t let them out so easily …

Join us as we discuss this spectacular failure of a movie! Chuy was most definitely not a huge fan of it, and he’ll let you know why during our Critique Segment!

For our Academic Segment, we talk about what a lot of people consider to be some of the top classic Italian Horror movies, such as Zombie and Suspiria, among others.

And finally, we thought that the waste of space that was the villain of this film did not deserve any more attention, so Chuy has decided to play one of his songs for you! It’s a dark and heavy number, which kinda goes with the mood this movie tried to establish.

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