Episode 57: Planetary and Archetypal Wisdom with Diana Rose

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(Discussion begins at 20:00)

Dan and Scarlet open the episode with an astrology and Tarot forecast for the week of January 20, 2020, to January 26, 2020, followed by an interview with astrologer and Tarot practitioner, Diana Rose.  We have a great chat with Diana all about her early life, her introduction to the esoteric, the commonalities between Tarot and Astrology, her views on astrological magic, plus a whole lot more!  Make sure to check out all of Diana’s links below:

Website: https://ddamascenaa.com/

Instagram: @ddamascenaa

Twitter: @ddamascenaa

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ddamascenaa

Tarot Deck: https://rosebudtarot.com/

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