Episode 51: RMP Christmas 2020, Goodbye Year Goodbye!

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Rigor Mortis Paranormal podcast episode 51 “Christmas 2020” stories include West Texas Highway Oddities – Juan from Odessa Texas shares stories about creepy sightings on a lonely Texas road, Suicidal Haunting – Kristie from Austin, Texas remembers hauntings from a neighbor who committed suicide and started haunting the neighborhood, Alien Behind the Couch – Our brother (Jason) tells us about the time he saw an alien in our home growing up, and more haunting tales from the RMP cast!

Podcast produced by: Robert Limon (host), David Limon (host), Jasmine Limon (host), Kory Earle (graphics), Ian Limon (Sobering Thoughts Segment), “Bum Tab” Nathan Limon (Editing, background music, and sounds).