Episode 47 – Healing The Soul

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Tonight we are casting off into the beyond and discussing a different part of enlightenment. We will be discussing the soul. Our souls are a powerful part of us but can still be fractured or torn. Now I am not talking like Voldemort in Harry Potter, fracturing his soul and putting pieces in different objects to live forever.

There are some events in life that don’t just shake us to the core, they can be devastating. We feel as if our heart is truly broken. And, that’s not always far from the truth. In extraordinarily and extreme circumstances, such as abuse, or extreme physical or emotional trauma, a piece of our spirit can actually fracture off in an attempt to protect the whole. This is different from a psychological definition of “split personality” in that the person has an intact psyche, can almost always remember the event in detail, and has probably even undergone many months or years of psychotherapy and/or medications in an effort to mend the tear.

Well joining us tonight is soul healer that knows her stuff. She operates under the mantle and banner Oracle High Priestess of Trevel Energy & Sorceress of Practical Trevel Energy. Please welcome to the Paraunity Podcast; Gregga Johnn.

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