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After an accident in a mine, a man named Harry becomes deranged and murders a lot of people in a small town during Valentine’s Day. A high school student named Tom almost suffered the same fate, but the local sheriffs gunned down Harry for good. Or did they? Ten years after the incident with Harry, another murder spree takes place, and it seems as though he might be back for more …
Join us as we discuss the film’s technical side in our Critique Segment! We talk about the cast, its 3D aspects, and the back story of a very (in)famous scene from this remake of the 1980s film.
In the Academic Segment, things get a bit steamy as we talk about the origins of our modern Valentine’s Day celebration, specifically the Roman festival of Lupercalia, which involved nudity, leather whips, and matchmaking.
Finally, we talk about The Miner as the villain during our Know Thine Enemy Segment.

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