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In this episode, Mike tells us about the only unsolved case of air piracy – the strange case of D. B. Cooper. Who was he? Did he survive his jump from the plane? Why did most of the money never turn up?

We also talk about Sensing Murder, our new favourite New Zealand based paranomal true crime show, where psychics try to solve cold cases, and we follow up on last episode’s listener story from Chris, who got back in touch with some answers to questions we posed in the episode.

Here’s a rundown of the episode:

00:28 – Hello!

01:47 – Presented Piece: D. B. Cooper

20:43 – Discussion

48:08 – Where You Can Find Us Online

49:58 – Bye

Total Runtime: 50:46



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Fortean Times Issue 412 – article “Flight into infamy” by Brian J Robb

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