Episode 45: Antique Shop Hauntings, Emily The Ghost, Did You See the Little Girl, and More!

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Rigor Mortis Paranormal podcast episode 45 stories include Antique Shop Hauntings – A couple experiences strange events at their Antique shop “Feeding The Pig” on the East side of San Antonio. Emily The Ghost – A young lady has a ghostly friend she’s been seeing since childhood. To her surprise her sister finally saw her, and now years later, her son can see her too.

Stories we gathered from a small bar called “El Luchador” – Did You See the Little Girl – A male nurse sees a little girl ghost after one of his patients die. His supervisor later asks him “did you see the little girl? Every time someone dies in this hospital, they see a little girl ghost with blond hair and a white dress within the hour of their death.” Viewing a Haunted Home with a Realtor – A young lady visits a creepy house with her realtor. After buying a totally different house she wakes up to a little boy ghost standing at the foot of her bed, and more morbid tales from the RMP cast!

Sitar music by the late great legendary Ravi Shankar. Find out more about Ravi Shankar here http://www.ravishankar.org/

Podcast produced by: Robert Limon (host), David Limon (host), Jasmine Limon (host), Kory Earle (graphics), Ian Limon (Sobering Thoughts Segment), “Bum Tab” Nathan Limon (Editing, background music, and sounds).