Episode 43: A Drunken Special with Eerie Christmas Tales!

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Rigor Mortis Paranormal podcast episode 43 “A Holiday Special” stories include No Christmas Lights this Year – The early passing of a father who still wants the Christmas lights up, An Early Christmas Gift from the Mothman – A young woman is abandoned by her asshole boyfriend while the Mothman hovers above, “Click Click” a Holiday Visit from a Sulfurous Smelling Stranger – A creepy stranger visits a young family and scares the hell out of them. Was it a demon? These stories and more from the drunken RMP crew!

Intro music by Dementers

Podcast produced by: Robert Limon (host), David Limon (host), Jasmine Limon (host), Kory Earle (graphics), Ian Limon (Sobering Thoughts Segment), “Bum Tab” Nathan Limon (Editing, background music, and sounds).