Episode 41 – Moms Gotta Mom (Rosemary’s Baby; Ft. Girl Behind The Counter)

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Rosemary is at an exciting point of her life. Her husband and her are trying to find a new home, and they’re planning on having children. Basically, things seem like they’re going in a good direction. When they move into an apartment in a building with a somber history though, her entire life is changed overnight …

For our internationally acclaimed Academic Segment, we discuss some properties of certain herbs (nightshade, henbane, and mandrake) that could have been the inspiration for the fictional tannis root used by Rosemary’s neighbors to bewitch her. We also end up talking about suppositories, for some reason 😛

We are happy that Bridget Bardot (AKA Girl Behind The Counter) has joined us once again for our Critique Segment! We have a very insightful discussion about the nature of the film’s horror with her. Could it be the Satanic/supernatural elements? The changes and obstacles that women go through during pregnancy? Mental illness? Or the inevitability of aging and adulthood?

Finally, we discuss the Castavets and their Satanic cult in our Know Thine Enemy Segment …

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