Homespun Haints

Hosted ByBecky Kilimnik and Diana Doty

(Explicit) Ready for something truly scary? Listen to real stories of hauntings, ghosts, haints, and other paranormal occurrences, told by the very people who experienced them.

It Still Follows You

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If you grew up in a haunted house, would you think it’s possible that something from your childhood home was still, somehow, with you? What if you continued to encounter something…unexplainable…at night, on a regular basis, years and years later? Could it be the strange playmates you had from your childhood, just wanting to hang out? Or could it be something a bit more sinister?Today, on Homespun Haints, we talk to Shaun, who’s had a series of strange events plague him since childhood. We’ll let you decide if they’re all random coincidences, or if they’re all, somehow, related. With guest Shaun Nigro, Co-host of The Writer’s Block Podcast and co-founder of 8 Sparks Media.

Find out more at and also check out his newest book, Koala Celebrates Songkran.

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