Episode 38 – Hoots Line Is It Anyway? (Lechuzas; Ft. The Great American Urban Legend)

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Lechuzas have quite the reputation in Mexican folklore. People tell all kinds of stories about them being the animal form of witches, or of them being familiars to witches. Some even think of them as Aliens (?!). As a creature with such an esoteric background, we decided to do an episode about them 🙂

Join us as we nerd out for a while and give you real biological facts about Lechuzas (AKA Barn Owls) in our much praised Academic Segment!

We’re also very happy to say that Micah from The Great American Urban Legend Podcast has joined us for our Folklore Factoids Segment! We do a mini interview with him about his podcast, and then we dive right into the creepy things people talk about concerning these animals. We also get to swap stories about our own possible encounters with Lechuzas.

Finally, Chuy has once again created a jam to go along with the episode. This one will top the charts for sure!

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