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Hosted ByJames Alexander, Adam Dalley & Lewis Carter

(Explicit) Welcome to the Marvels, Mysteries and Midlanders podcast! Join James, Adam and Lewis as they talk about anything mysterious, macabre, folklore and the just plain weird. Who is the Catman? What are Sky Trumpets? How do we fix Lewis’ memory skills? Take a seat, enjoy the banter and join the discussion!

Episode 35 – The Belmez Faces

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Ever had it where your eye plays tricks on you? Seeing something that isn't there? Or maybe it is?

On this episode we dive into a case of disembodied faces appearing on the surfaces of a house in Spain. One appearance could be classed as a coincidence, but as more and more started to appear the case began to draw more interest from just about everybody!

Join us as we dissect the story of The Belmez Faces and figure out what they could possibly be! Supernatural occurrence or a merely a case of Pareidolia?

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