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(Explicit) The Punk Rock and Paranormal podcast - ghost stories, band interviews, UFOs, cryptids, occult topics, haunted locations, and the investigators that seek out the strange and the unexplainable. Every episode will present paranormal topics with fearfully fitting musical accompaniment.

Episode 35 – Grumpster, Sarchasm and Get Married

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Grumpster, Sarchasm and Get Married, oh my! Three of the nicest and bestest bands playing music and doing rad stuff on the DIY punk circuit these days. If this episode was an awards ceremony, here are the awards each band would win – Grumpster – Best Pop Punk of the 21st century. Sarchasm – Nicest People On Earth. Get Married – Most Members For A Non-Ska Band. All the bands on this episode appear on the Asian Man Records release “Friendsplit” and the other thing they have in common? They all bring the ROCK in the best possible way. Short interview questions I did with the band (read by me) and two songs per band is what you’ll find in this episode. Listen.